PROFITABILITY IMPROVEMENT VIA LEAN APPROACH: Reduction in Conversion Cost in Manufacturing Sector
A One Day Training Session Tuesday, 16 May 2017, Hotel Lamellz, Ludhiana

ICME has felt a need that there is a need in Total Transformation that develops Top Management for creating an Eagle Eye on Cost Pie, Measurement System and Bench marking with the best industries such the each participant create a Road map ahead for Improving Profitability by developing his own Profit Improvement Plan (PIP). Globalization of the markets had put great competitive pressure on the Manufacturing Industry. The key to sustained economic success will be consistent Quality of products and services that delight the customer at competitive prices. Though Government is emphasizing on ‘Make in India’ at the same time Indian Manufacturing companies are fighting for Survival due to increase in input costs, shortage of manpower & poor supply chain. By 2022, India Targets to improve share of its Manufacturing GDP from 16% to 25% and Generate 100 million new Jobs but it is only possible via Scientific & Systematic Strategy with good Benchmarking practices, reinforced by training, handholding and exposure to reach the benchmarks of World Class Manufacturing. There are four key areas that can help drive profitability, these are: * Reducing Cost * Increasing Turnover * Improving Productivity & Quality * Increasing Efficiency Close Management of Cost can eliminate Waste in each function. Total Employee Involvement is a key to Profitability Improvement. A fine chisel is recognized by its cutting edge. It makes no difference how finely it is made or what splendid steel it has or how well it is forged-if it has no cutting edge, it is not a chisel-it is just a piece of metal similarly Profitability Improvement needs cutting edge with Kaizens and Innovations on all types of Waste with a Strategy to eliminate them. Profitability Improvement is designed to understand Strategies & Best Practices with Tools & Techniques to Reduce Cost, Benchmark our self with Global Standards and Create our Profit Improvement Plan (PIP).

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